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Action: Goldenrod

(Can't expect a city like this to be too full of peace and quiet, can you? Well, don't expect this guy to contribute much to that. Whether you're in the bar or out on the streets, you'll probably find this guy with a bottle of liquor in his hands as he slurs his sentences more and more with each drink. It's not a regular moment of Dante getting drunk, either; this is the drunk when you're trying to drink your feelings away. Whether or not it's working is debatable.)

This...this fucking music sucks. Needs srm fuckin'...fuckin...Guns N' Roses! Yeah, Guns N' Roses...and leather. Lots of fucking leather!

(And he may or may not have fallen over at this point. Up to you.)


Again. Again!

(The feed picks up on Dante training with his dear Scizor, Sparda. The two are locked in a fistfight and the trainer encourages his pokemon to give it his all, regardless of whatever damage Dante may take from it. A concerned gardevoir turned it on for others to see. Know when someone maintains their cool, but they still fight angry? Yeah, that's Dante right now.)

Do better! Come on; throw a real punch!

(And by accident, the scizor punches Dante right in the chest and knocks him back several feet away. It takes him a while to get back up, but when he does, it's obvious that he's in pain.)

Fuck, being human sucks...

(Sparda is obviously worried about hurting his trainer, but also worried about Dante hurting himself by keeping at this. He does look pretty beat up, after all...intervene?)
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(The video feed with start up with Dante lounging around in the Pokemon Center, chilling on one of the couches after just sending in his Scizor to get patched up. He'll hold up the Zephyr badge to the camera for all to see, backing it up with a cocky smirk.)

So it's the first badge anyone can get, yeah, but it's not too damn bad, considering I used just one pokemon to get it. Sparda's catching a breather right now, but it's cool; he earned. He's a little me, pretty much.

(Though not long after that does a certain red reptile suddenly plant herself on Dante's head, almost tipping him over and making him drop the camera. Once things settle down a bit, the camera goes back to Dante and the charmeleon not wanting to let go of him.)

Yeah, this guy still needs a hell of a lot of work, but she's got some moves. I still have to figure out a name for her, but it'll be a cool one; you can count on that. Anyway, Trish and I are heading over to Goldenrod to meet up with a few people and checking out some of the places there. Hear it's got a nice bunch of stores, so maybe I can get some alcohol and pizza there. No better way to celebrate, right?

So yeah, Nero, Kyrie. We'll be over there in a couple of days, if you want to meet up. Shouldn't be too long, but that'll depend on how much this guy drains me.

(By which, he's referring to the unnamed charmeleon. Why must you choose to be cuddly when he's trying to look cool, unnamed charmeleon?)
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(What. The. Hell.

The first thing anyone tuning will see is Dante fiddling with his pokegear, unsure of exactly how to get it to work. He doesn't realize that he actually turned on the video feed, but tosses it over to a green scythed pokemon who fumbles about with it before actually being able to hold it...somehow.

And with the camera following Dante, anyone will see that, while speaking pretty calmly, this guy is pissed off. Kicking the door to Elm's lab open [which didn't get flung off of their hinges, making Dante even more upset], this guy proceeds to antagonize Elm and all of the scientists in there.

Who the hell taught you guys how to throw a party? Bringing your guests over and stealing all of their shit? You do realize that means I have to kick all of your asses, right?

(And of course, squishy scientists can't fight back, but Dante knows better than to attack them outright. Still, he's punching things and flipping tables to help relieve his anger while his scyther can only watch from a distance. Scary man can be scary.)

So where the hell's all my stuff? Tell me now and I'll make sure to leave you enough teeth to chew.
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Yo; it's Dante. You know what to do.
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Definitely one of those characters that takes a while to get used to; mastering that cockiness takes practice!

Any criticism is allowed; just tell me what you like, don't like, could be improved or any of that!

Edit: Should've included this earlier, but...

feel free to hit me up on [ profile] rikimaruhitori or Sonichero91 (AIM)...when I actually log on to aim. XD I'm always on plurk, though!
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